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Mini Cooper 3D print ad / Augmented Reality

This is simply the coolest print ad I’ve ever seen. Print out the ad http://mini-cabrio.ar-live.de/res/anzeige.pdf and then go to http://www.mini.de/webcam.  You will have to work through some German language installers but it is worth it.  Once that is done, click on “USB Video Device” or similar to begin!

[flv flashvars=”autostart=true”]http://www.ineedcaffeine.com/videos/mini_3d.flv[/flv]

(Sorry, Windows only, folks!  I had to record this one in VMWare)


  1. Hello

    I hope you do not mind me contacting you as I would like to introduce you to Augmented Reality.

    We have recently completed a project using Augmented Reality (AR) for Automobiles Citroën,
    giving internet users the possibility to interact on-line with the international C3 Picasso brochure.

    3 dedicated interactive pages of the brochure enable you to discover the new C3 Picasso in 3D.

    Using a PC and a webcam, you first download the application from the dedicated website http://www.c3picasso.com,
    and then enjoy an interactive experience using Augmented Reality.

    Once the application is launched, the user can present the C3 Picasso brochure to the user’s webcam, and
    the car appears sitting on the pages and that is where the fun begins, as the angle of the car will change according to the rotation of the pages.

    Also, the last page of the brochure enables you to change the colour of the vehicle in real time,

    You are able to discover how this was achieved, showing the 3D low poly modelling and the experience of Augmented Reality on
    youtube or dailymotion.

    youtube :

    dailymotion :

    The project was commissioned by the International brochure department of the Marketing and Publicity offices at Citroën, based on the technology of Total Immersion.

    I would be happy to discuss with you further how you may benefit from incorporating Augmented Reality technology into
    your marketing activities.

    Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from.

    Yours sincerely

    Jean-Bernard debreux
    Fabien Raquidel
    Yann Goument

    Astuce productions
    2, bd Pereire
    75017 Paris
    06 63 93 17 37

  2. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide – why do you keep checking this site every day (and usually several times per day)?

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