1. It is a dust devil. A unusually strong dust devil but a dustdevil nonetheless. They usualy only last 2 minutes or so are usually harmless and have winds up to 45 mph but, and i’m guessing this might be one that got stronger, winds can get up to 60 mile and can pose a threat to people nearby. Besides severity the main difference between a dust devil and a tornado is a tornado is a small focused rotation coming down from a much larger rotation in a storm while a dustdevil is usually caused only by hot air rising through cold air on a sunny day. I’m sure one could happen with cloud cover though I have never seen it myself.

  2. Funny kind of softball. Played with a soccer ball and 2 goals. Hmmmmmmmmm. What game could this be? At least look at the video before you caption it.

  3. It is true, only softball is played at levels lower than professional. Surely there wouldn’t be leagues for children in any other sport.

  4. This is nothing but a common, everyday, basic dust devil that occurs all around the world every minute somewhere from heated air. I see them here in the US in parking lots, fields, airports, etc….any large open field on a warm day. They go up a couple hundred feet and don’t turn very fast. You might get a scratch from a sand grain. Tornadoes come from the sky and are totally different and can kill.

  5. There’s no reason why a little league game can’t be of soccer rather than softball, it’s still a league for little people aka children.

  6. I like how they make the children duck down.
    Because, you know, a tornado couldn’t pick up a small child weighing roughly 50 – 80 lbs.

    1. Tornadoes suck things in due to the Bernoulli effect (the one that is often–incorrectly–used to explain airplane lift). Fast moving air causes a drop in air pressure, and the higher pressure on the far side pushes everything toward it. The ground doesn’t do that. Lying lat is the best move.

  7. Kewl, it looks kindof freaky, Can it kill u? i dk 🙂 🙁 anyways kindof weird i saw alot weordoer pics of toranadoes though the pic clip was asome keep up the work yoshis:0;):0:):)XDDDDDDDDDDDDDXXXXXXXXXXddddddddddddddddd

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