Laser Atmospheric Effects

XY Laser scanner controlled by my mac. Longer camera exposures a light smoke were used to display the beam in near darkness. The cone-like shape is generated by the scanner.  The origin is the narrow end of the cone shape and the beam can deflect roughly fifteen degrees in either direction. [quicktime][/quicktime]

Laser scanner with Music

XY Laser scanner controlled by my mac. iTunes is providing source music and the scanners are reacting with the LEFT channel manipulating the X axis and the RIGHT channel manipulating the Y axis. Nine Inch Nails – Only Muse – Endlessly The Postal Service – Such Great Heights [quicktime][/quicktime]

The Ugoff is hungry!

The Ugoff is hungry! From Wikipedia: Ugoff is a fictional character, played by actor Daniel Raymont, in a 2004 ad campaign for Burger King directed by Roman Coppola with music composed by DEVO singer Mark Mothersbaugh.[1] It was to promote the new “Fire-Grilled Salads” and the paper “Salad Pouch” which was used to keep the…