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RGB LED Cubes. Wow.

Original Concept / Unknown Designer

This will get your attention:

Now, go buy the kit: eightCubed

Apparently there is a whole community of people devoted to building LED sculptures that I didn’t know about.  I admire the skill of anyone who can assemble this – it is a stack of LED’s – 512 in the above photo – that are held together using only their leads.  Did I mention that each LED has 4 leads coming out of it?  That is an amazing number of connections and effort.

The good news:  You can download the schematics and the software to build on yourself

The better news:  You can buy a 4x4x4 cube from Hypnocube.com and VisualCube.org and save yourself a massive headache.

Who wants to get me one for a birthday present? 🙂



  1. They do seem very complex, with an amazingly high number of solder joints. I suppose it’s not much different from a normal progammable LED sign, but instead of laying it out in 2 dimensions…say 4×16 pixels, they are just laid out as 4 4×4 panels, in front of each other. I’m curious about the software as well.

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