Poor NEO 8000

I just came across a NEO-8000 planar neon display in less-than-perfect condition.  In fact, this is easily the worst condition tube in my entire collection. I’ve never seen the cathodes deteriorate quite like this before.  It looks like a bad horror-syfy-original-movie digital font. What makes this tube odd is that the center supports in the…

TubeClockDB Video

This is just a quick video I made for TubeClockDB.com.  Be sure to share the YouTube video link. Featured: Jeff Thomas / Nixichron Nixie Clock Jon Ellis / Nimimini Numitron Clock Konstantin Bodrenkov / IV-11 clock VFD Clock [flv width=”640″ height=”500″]http://www.ineedcaffeine.com/videos/tubeclockdb.flv[/flv]