Minitron / Pinlite

I found a few cool misprinted minitron style 7 segment incandescent displays.  Essentially, they are numitrons that are in a flat pack.  As best I can tell, they were primarily used in the aviation industry because of their dependability and durability.  I’ll take some more photos of them in use after I figure out their…

RCA Numitron Digital Display Device Demonstrator 1g1308

Numitron Tester

I found this great little RCA DR 2000 / DR 2010 tester on eBay.  For $4.99, it was worth every cent.  I cannot find much information on this device other than the markings on the markings on the device itself.  “RCA Numitron Digital Display Device Demonstrator 1g1308” The controls are pretty simple – the knob…

TubeClockDB Video

This is just a quick video I made for  Be sure to share the YouTube video link. Featured: Jeff Thomas / Nixichron Nixie Clock Jon Ellis / Nimimini Numitron Clock Konstantin Bodrenkov / IV-11 clock VFD Clock [flv width=”640″ height=”500″][/flv]