Things I've learned

Forgetting your sister’s birthday says bad things about your priorities Forgetting your twin sister’s birthday says bad things about your cognitive abilities Wassabi peas do not constitute “dinner” You can subconsciously turn off your alarm clock

Mark 1 Fire Computer

Mechanical Computer Basics

YouTube user gwz40 uploaded a series of fascinating videos on mechanical computers and how they were used in in the US Navy for controlling projectiles fired from one moving ship to another moving target.   The movies were produced as part of a US Navy training program and illustrate the basic components that are used…

segmentus clock front

Segmentus clock concept

Segmentus clock (concept) By Art Lebedev – $n/a From the guy who brought us the Verbarius clock comes the Segmentus.  (Is anyone else noticing a naming pattern here?) This concept clock was built to address the challenge of creating a digital clock with hands.  While clocks have addressed this challenge before, this one brings…