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Wamco KW-105AL

Here is another eBay find that I thought was worth sharing.  This is a Wamco alphanumeric minitron display.  It is similar to a numitron in that it is also an incandescent filament display but the packaging is significantly different.  I believe these devices were primarily used in aviation because of their resilience but I’m having troubles backing up that belief with hard data.

Driving this device is easy – there is one common pin and the remainder of the pins correspond to a different segment in the display.  I was powering these with 3V but for those curious, the full data sheet for the KW series in PDF format.


      1. I got my start in “Ham” radio when I was 14 and the all the elmers showed me things like Nixie Tubes and the like. It was like magic to me then. Have to say I love your posts and going to try and get this post and your Edge Lit Display post up on the blog too.

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